What Is A Corydora?

For my next post, I want to introduce to everyone what a Corydora is.Well they are my favorite fish and I currently have 4 and I plan on getting more.Please clink the wiki link above for a detail description with pictures.Basically, they are a minature catfish xcomplete with the whiskers and they are bottom feeders and theysearch the bottom of the tank looking for algae and whatever they can eat. They are schooling fish which means they love to congregate in groups of 3 or more and socialize.They are a very peaceful fish and tend to get along with any other fish providing they don’t try to eat them. They enjoy to run in groups both for social reasons and for safety in numbers. Most full grown Corydoras are no smaller than 1 inch and some can reach 2 of more inches in length.Plus another interesting fact, the Corydora have armor and even look like they wear helmets like Spartan soliders on their heads which I think is very cool.

Written on September 20, 2022